AA Quality Standards

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded 3 STARS!

Following our continued efforts to improve our hotels and maintain our high level of service and hospitality, we recently had our AA quality inspection and are pleased to announce that we were awarded 3 stars at both hotels.

The inspection entails an undercover AA inspector taking a night’s stay in our hotels. They then rate our hospitality, service and food, amongst many other standards, and award a score as a measure of our overall performance. 

We must state that as part of these assessments, there is no section taking into account the unrivalled sports, craft, leisure and spa facilities we proudly offer. We therefore are only marked on our hotel standards which include service, cleanliness, bedrooms, public areas and food, amongst others. Nevertheless, we received a very positive report and below are some of the comments made by the AA inspector:

Cleanliness – “very good levels on cleanliness throughout

Service & Hospitality – “very good check-in” along with "Polite and professional service throughout"

Food – “All meals prepared with a good level of skill/care/presentation”