All Year Golf

Golf at Ashbury has always been available all year round. In recent times a large number of our guests have commented on the exceptional quality our golf courses offer in the inclement winter months. This is due to our extensive improvement programme, where we have spent more on drainage than any other golf course we know. We have invested over £250k in our own specialist equipment – meaning that we can react to problem areas immediately. 

What does this mean for Golf at Ashbury? 

  • Exceptional Choice - Unlike most of our competitors we offer a minimum of 2 x 18 hole courses during the winter months.
  • 60 Winter Holes - We have 3 x 18 hole winter course options, plus 6 spare holes to allow for essential maintenance and ensure maximum enjoyment for our golfers.

  • Historic Data - We have chosen these 60 holes based on years of historic data which has found them to be the driest.

  • No Temporary Greens – Our superior, fast draining greens mean standing water disappears during even the heaviest of downpours.
  • Improved Tees - We endeavour to have our main tees on whenever possible. Alternatively, we have large purpose built artificial teeing areas, meaning real tee pegs can be used.

  • Superior Fairways - That have undergone major drainage improvements meaning more run on the ball.

  • Aprons - That have been heavily maintained to ensure approach shots do not plug close to the greens.

  • Buggies – Our purpose built buggy tracks mean that buggies can be used all year round on all of the courses. PLUS our All Season buggies, which are fully cabbed, provide complete protection from the weather.

  • Golf is available Every day of the Year at Ashbury.

  • We believe that our exceptionally maintained courses, complemented by our huge range of indoor facilities, great value golf buggies and free golf for all residents, ensure that we are offering the Number One Golf Breaks in the UK.