The art of burning images on to wood

In this workshop, you will craft a custom wood product - using the art of pyrography. First discovered centuries ago, we've updated the techniques of decorative wood burning by using a pen-like tool to create contemporary designs. 

Using our pyrography pens, you'll work on wooden offcuts to practice the basic technique and then you'll move on to your masterpiece - etching a custom design. We offer an extensive collection of wood, ranging from jewellery boxes to chopping boards, and coat hangers to plant pots, as well as a fantastic library of images for you to trace. 

Our tutors will demonstrate the following techniques:

  • Importance of carbon paper
  • Stencils and stamps
  • Using the pyrography pen
  • Temperatures for different effects
  • Applying strokes and pressure 
  • Finishing designs with paint and oil 

Tuition is free. Price for materials start from just £4.00.

Cost: There will be an additional charge for material used during the day.