Session 1: Creating Pottery

Our longest running and most popular craft activity is Pottery, where you have the opportunity to use slip-cast moulds, pottery wheels, as well as the freedom to create freehand pottery.  


We have over one-thousand moulds available for slip-casting including planters, vases, teapots, money boxes, jugs, animal figures, birds, wall plates, chess sets, as well as table and Christmas ornaments. The process works by the slip (a mixture of clay and water) being poured into a plaster mould. 

The mould dries as the water element of the slip is absorbed into the plaster. The surplus slip is poured away leaving a layer of clay on the inside of the mould. After three hours you can return, remove your work from the mould and fettle-clean the edges and seams. Your work will be dried overnight.


We offer five pottery wheels in our studio, whereupon our experienced tutors will provide practical tips on the following:

  • clay preparation
  • wheel speed
  • shaping and texturing
  • handles

Hand building

This process often takes longer, therefore it is important to begin as early as possible during your break. Various methods are demonstrated, including:

  • coil building
  • pinch pottery
  • slab building
  • free modelling

Session 2: Pottery Glazing   

In this workshop, you will learn how to decorate pottery, through the application of paint to the surface - whether it's using clear glaze, under-glaze or acrylic paint. Our decoration methods include the following:

  • effects of clear glaze
  • underglaze decoration
  • sgraffito
  • mixing colours
  • brush strokes
  • patterns and textures

Tuition is free. Price for materials start from just £7.50.

Please note: Children under 12 years must be supervised by a responsible adult.
Cost: There will be an additional charge for materials used during your session.