An Ancient Technique Treasured by Contemporary Crafters

Capable of the most unpredictable transformations, our Enamelling workshop consists of fusing powdered glass onto copper blanks. Alongside our experienced tutors, you will learn the basic techniques of enamelling, including:

  • Filing and polishing copper
  • Dry-sifting powder
  • Using the kiln
  • Blending and layering colours
  • Sgraffito
  • Assembling metals for jewellery 

Choosing from our wide selection of copper blanks, you can apply the enamel - with the option of adding a variety of colours and beads - enabling you to create personalised jewellery. The temperatures involved in this process are very high so there is strong emphasis on safety.

Tuition is free. Price for materials start from just £3.00.

Please note: Children under 14 years must be supervised by a responsible adult.